Climatic chamber

Climatic chambers are specialized laboratory equipment designed to simulate and control various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and sometimes even vibration. These chambers are used to study the effects of different environmental conditions on materials, products, components, and biological samples. When choosing a climatic chamber, factors to consider include the required temperature and humidity range, chamber size, control accuracy, uniformity of conditions, the presence of additional features such as lighting or vibration, and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

ShopLaboratory offers professional climatic chambers from manufacturer Pol-Eko. These devices can come with an ultrasonic humidifier (KK product group), or with a steam humidifier (KKS product group). Depending on the type, climatic chambers can vary by their operating temperature range, relative humidity range, feedwater (conductivity), source of feedwater, and other parameters. Please contact to receive a personalized quotation.