5 important features to consider while choosing analytical balances

5 important features to consider while choosing analytical balances

Posted by Shoplaboratory on 25th Jul 2022

Analytical balance is a type of instrument used in laboratories that is designed to accurately measure the mass of samples and sediment. They have higher accuracy than other types of scales and can have readability as high as 0.01 mg. There is a variety of choices in the market and their prices can vary significantly. Therefore, it’s important to consider some key features that might determine the best fit for you.

1. Balance readability

Readability determines the smallest increment of weight that can be displayed and accurately measured by the balance. If you have balances that offer a 0.1 mg readability, that means that you can read the measurement of a sample as precisely as 0.0001 g.

2. Weighing range

Weighing range refers to the range of weights that can be measured by the balance – the minimum weight and the maximum weight. Correct weighting range ensures that the results are valid and accurate.

3. Application

Application is one of the most important things to consider when choosing scales. Among the most common analytical balances application, there is sample preparation, density analysis, pipette testing, differential weighting, etc. Analytical scales that have application stated in their description will be easier to pick for those who don’t know the exact requirements for their scales - and only know what purpose they must serve.

4. Verification

When analytical balances are used for certain applications, they may require verification for being up to date and as accurate as they should be. Sadly, over time all measurement instruments may lose some accuracy and overall reliability. Certificates, such as metrological verification, DakkS certificate, etc. help verify that the scale is configured correctly and is ready for reliable measurement. It is important to note, that certificates are usually ordered separately but they may be mentioned in the product description to show that the balances comply with the standards of said certificates.

5. Price

Finally, price is also very important to consider before buying analytical balances (or anything, really). It is important, because you may find the balances that do have everything you need but also have many features that you don’t care about. Having this in mind, you can look for the balances that are just enough for your needs – and the price should reflect that.